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10 Free Event Management Plugins For WordPress |

A calendar system with many views, upcoming events widget, color-coded categories, recurrence, and import/export of .ics feeds.

Events Handler enables to manage events and future happenings and show them on your wordpress site.

Manage your events from your WordPress dashboard. Reduce your admin, reduce your costs, make your life easier!

Fully featured event registration management including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, booking management

Event Registration

Events Handler – The Events Plugin

Event Espresso Lite

Event Registration is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage events with an online and manual registration and payment process.

Event Organizer

Events Maker by dFactory

All-in-One Event Calendar

An easy-to-use community calendar and event list that allows authorized users to visually manage events into custom categories.

Here, we have come up with yet another new and useful compilation of some free WordPress plugins that will help in event management. With WordPress plugins, you can accomplish almost anything and this makes WordPress an amazing content management system. For today’s round up, we have put together some great and free WordPress plugins for event management.


Check them out and pick the ones you like the most. We hope that you will like this collection and find these amazing event management WordPress plugins useful for you. Feel free to share your opinions with us via comment section below. Your comments are always more than welcome. Let us have a look. Enjoy!

The Events Calendar

Ajax Event Calendar

Create and maintain events, including complex reoccurring patterns, venue management (with Google maps), calendars and customisable event lists

Events Manager

Events Manager ESS

Fully featured event management system including recurring events, locations management, full calendar, iCal feed/files, google maps and more.

A calendar system with many views, upcoming events widget, color-coded categories, recurrence, and import/export of .ics feeds.

ESS for Event Standard Syndication is The Events Feed. ESS is a free and open-source XML feed dedicated to describe events. This feed is read by search engines and robot crawlers to index your event pages and forward the web users to the your event URL.

10 Excellent iPad Apps to Annotate, Highlight, and Add Comments to PDFs ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

9- PDF Forms

This is another wonderful app that offers some interesting functionalities to use on your PDFs, these include tools to add text in text box and sticky notes; highlight, underline, or cross out texts; draw lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals and freehand drawings. Add memo, change color / thickness, resize and move them around as you like.
Besides reading PDFs, this app also provides you with the ability to organize your documents in bookshelf with cover images and sort them with your finger, read your documents in different modes, zoom on each page with a pinch gesture of your fingers or with a double tap and view every pdf page in full screen mode.
One of the first reasons behind me buying iPad was to be able to access and read my PDFs anytime anywhere I want without having to always depend on my Mac for that. However, my experience with reading PDFs on iPad has taught me many things and over the time I came to discover a wide range of great apps to use academic writing on my PDFs. These are particularly apps which you can use to annotate, highlight, add notes, record, and comment on the content of your PDFs. I have compiled these apps in the list below and want you to have a look.

This is my favourite of them. iAnnotate is app that lets you read, highlight, and share PDF, Doc, PPT, and images file. As for annotating your PDFs, iAnnotate provides you with a plethora of options to choose from including: pen, highlighter, typewriter, stamp, straight-line, note, underline, strikeout, photo, voice recording, and date stamp tools. Copy and paste annotations, even from one document to another.

This app does not only read PDFs but also provides a bunch of other interesting services including: Form filling, contract signing, free handwriting, text box, highlighting, sticky notes, stamp tools.

AnnotDoc supports annotation on popular document formats including MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and PDF. Both the original MS Office 2003 format and the latest 2007 and 2010 Open XML format are supported. It also supports exporting the above MS documents to PDF, with the annotations.

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5- PDF Notes
Follow us on : Twitter, Facebook , Google plus, Pinterest .This app allows you to add text, images and signatures to PDFs, correct text in original PDF with editable text blocks, fill out PDF forms , add notes, comments, and freehand scribbles , draw lines, arrows, rectangles, ellipses and polygons, and organize your documents using Folders.
7- Fast PDF
8- PDF Expert 5

This is an app that you can use to manage all the pdf files on your iPad. Fast display, quick page-turning even a thousand pages, useful finger-writing and email your notes to your friends.
10- AnnotDoc

January 29, 2014

6- PDF Reader
1- iAnnotate
As its name indicate, PDF Highlighter is a powerful app that enables you to highlight important passages, add text notes, freehand sketches, and even voice memos. All your annotations are saved directly to the PDF file, so that you can review them later on a Mac or PC, using standard software like Acrobat Reader or Mac OS X Preview.

PDF Expert 5 is a very powerful app that you can use to markup documents with highlights and handwriting, insert text and stamps, sign and even merge PDFs.
2- ezPDF Reader
PDF Forms is a powerful software tool for work with PDF documents and forms which allows commenting on ready PDF documents, filling forms, signing legal documents such as contracts or notices and sharing processed PDF documents via email, Google Drive or Dropbox or simply print via AirPrint.

3- PDF pen for iPad

4- PDF Hilighter

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A comma in Catullus | OxfordWords blog

ueridicum oraclum

O you who augment your outstanding fame through your mighty

O decus eximium magnis uirtutibus augens,

The longest poem by Catullus (c. 84-54 bc) contains an account of the wedding of the Greek hero Peleus to the sea-goddess Thetis – a key event in mythological history, which led to the birth of the greatest Greek warrior, Achilles, and (thanks to the intervention of Eris with her golden apple) to the Trojan War in which he would win fame. In one part of the work the Parcae (Fates) describe Peleus’ future to him, opening their song with the following address (64.323-6):

At least, this is how the passage appears in the Oxford Classical Text of 1904, edited by Robinson Ellis. In line 324 he prints a modern emendation, clarissime, ‘most famous’; the manuscripts of Catullus read carissime, which would give ‘most dear to his son’, a senseless phrase, since Peleus at the time of this address is childless. Some half a century later, Roger Mynors in his Oxford Classical Text of 1958 – still the standard text of Catullus, and recently published in Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (or read the translation) – printed a different version of the second line, as follows:

This article first appeared on the OUPblog.

To you on this happy day

Emathiae tutamen, Opis carissime nato

  • The opinions and other information contained in OxfordWords blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Oxford University Press.
  • So an apparently trivial change of punctuation allows us to understand a passage of ancient poetry, that had frustrated scholars and readers for centuries. No wonder C. J. Fordyce (not a man given to hyperbole), in his commentary on Catullus published by Oxford University Press in 1961 and recently added to Oxford Scholarly Editions Online, called this “the most spectacular contribution of modern scholarship to the interpretation of Catullus”. Or as A. E. Housman said elsewhere – not in real life, but as the character of that name in Sir Tom Stoppard’s The Invention of Love – “There is truth and falsehood in a comma.”

    Emathiae tutamen opis, clarissime nato,

    Photo credit: Man sailing a corbita, a small coastal vessel with two masts by Marie-Lan Nguyen. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

    Only Oscar Wilde could be quite so frivolous when describing a matter as grave as the punctuation of poetry, something that causes particular grief in our attempts to understand ancient texts. Their writers were not so obliging as to provide their poems with punctuation marks, nor to distinguish between capitals and small letters. If modern editors wanted to recreate the ancient reading experience, we ought to print texts in capitals throughout, with no punctuation or even spaces between the words; but our readers would probably not thank us for doing that. So in our editions we have to make choices about punctuation and the like, based on our understanding of what the texts mean. And if Oscar Wilde could be perplexed by the placing of one of his own commas, we should not be surprised if we sometimes misinterpret the articulation of ancient texts – sometimes with unfortunate results.

    “I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again.” –Oscar Wilde


      Protector of the might of Emathia [i.e. Thessaly], most famous through

      Mynors’s new edition retains the text of the manuscripts (carissime) and, for its punctuation, adopts a suggestion made by A. E. Housman in 1915. By placing the comma before opis rather than after it, and by capitalising that word to make it a proper name, Housman restores what must have been Catullus’ intended meaning, and avoids the need to emend the text. Instead of the flabby phrase ‘Protector of the might of Emathia’ (as Housman remarks, “the might of Emathia did not need protecting: it was itself a protection”), we get the tighter ‘Protector of Emathia’. More crucially, the meaning of the second half of the line is now clear. Ops was a Roman goddess identified with Rhea, mother of Jupiter; so Catullus is saying that Peleus was ‘dear to Jupiter’, recreating in Latin the Homeric epithet διίφιλος (Iliad 1.74 etc.). Peleus was indeed dear to the gods, in that he was allowed to marry a goddess; and since Jupiter himself had previously expressed a personal interest in Thetis, it could be said that he showed Peleus particular favour in withdrawing his claim. This very point is made earlier in the poem in another invocation of Peleus, which is recalled by our passage as interpreted by Housman (64.26-7): Thessaliae columen Peleu, cui Iuppiter ipse, | ipse suos diuum genitor concessit amores (“pillar of Thessaly, Peleus, to whom Jupiter himself, the very father of the gods, conceded his beloved”).

      A comma in Catullus

      Receive the truth-telling oracle, that the sisters reveal
      Protector of Emathia, most dear to the son of Ops

      add-post-content”>accipe, quod laeta tibi pandunt luce sorores,

      your son,

      paper writing service from

    4 Free Business Strategy Mind Map Templates

  • Target customers
  • To collate all of their product information, the LiveBy team created one very intricate mind map on MindMeister, listing every feature and sub-feature within their product.

    Get started with mind mapping

    “It’s a collaborative mind map shared with every team member, so they’re able to login and add their ideas for a new feature or sub-feature straight into the map. New ideas are labeled with a light bulb emoticon so the rest of the team can spot them and provide feedback.

    Pro Tip

    This strategy can also be applied to planning growth experiments.

    In order to make the most of 2017, it’s important to come up with cohesive strategies that will allow you to prepare for the best, as well as the worst.

    Finally, try creating a mind map which will act as a knowledge map for the collective ideas, plans, and knowledge of your team.

    Get started with mind mapping

    3. Undertake a SWOT Analysis

    Sign up for MindMeisterSign up for MindMeister

    4. Create a Knowledge Map

    In order to pre-empt and plan for these scenarios, try using the free SWOT analysis template below. Embellish the mind map to ensure you cover the key features, goals, risks and hurdles you expect to face and overcome in 2017.

    Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit Marketing Plan Template on MindMeister.

    Knowledge management expert, Manel Heredero, explains that it’s vitally important for teams to preserve collective company knowledge as it arises, bit by bit.

    It’s important that you have a clear vision for your company or organization. It’s equally important that your team are just as clear about these goals too.

    To use the mind map, simply sign into MindMeister (or sign up free) and maximize the map via the ‘map actions’ icon. Once maximized, click again on the ‘map actions’ icon and choose to clone the map.

    The product mind map acts as both a knowledge map, including all existing company information on the product and a home for new ideas. These ideas can then be discussed within the mind map and followed up in meetings when deciding which ideas to take forward for product improvements or experiments.”

    Generating ideas while mind mapping has been found to boost creativity by up to 23%. To help come up with the next big idea, spend your next marketing meeting collaborating on a marketing mind map.

    You can also include links to additional resources, such as your editorial calendar or newsletter drip campaign Google Sheet.

    LiveBy’s CEO, Cory Scott, explains:

      Clone the above mind map to use as a template for your own marketing strategy, including topics relevant to your business. These could include:

    • Which resources you require to achieve these goals
    • It’s free!

    • Which KPIs you’ll be focusing on (Churn, MRR, CMRR)
  • Conversion strategies
  • We recently held a marketing team brainstorm here at MeisterLabs to come up with new taglines for social media campaigns. Having shared a collaborative mind map before the meeting, we all added our initial ideas and sources of influence e.g. existing campaigns and imagery we liked. We then projected the mind map during the meeting and each added to it in real-time via our laptops, to come up with text we’re all happy with.

  • What your financial projections are
  • Your SWOT analysis could include potential opportunities, such as which customers you want to be focusing on most and how you plan to tailor your service to these clients. It should also help you to look out for potential problems. Threats and weaknesses might include emerging competitors and existing bottlenecks.

    Let us know how you get on or any questions you might have, in the comments below.

    2. Brainstorm Your Marketing Strategy

    Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit SWOT Analysis on MindMeister.

    LiveBy, the team behind a fast-growing technology tool for real estate companies, are always looking for ways to capture the creative ideas of their team, to then streamline these ideas and decide which are feasible to pursue.

  • A competitive analysis
  • To support you with this, we’ve created four (free!) mind map strategies. These will help you to plan out your business progression, pre-empt potential problems, preserve collective knowledge, and hopefully, ultimately boost company or organizational growth.

    Your browser is not able to display frames. Please visit SaaS Business Strategy on MindMeister.

    A vital part of your strategy for 2017 will rely on you first establishing the potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that your business or organization could be facing this year. In order to prepare, begin 2017 with a SWOT analysis via a mind map.

    As a team, try brainstorming potential growth hacks in the form of small but influential changes to your product, service or website.

    From there, edit or embellish the topics to make the map suitable for your business, covering topics such as:

    Once you’ve brainstormed your first growth ideas, follow the tutorial from MeisterLabs’ head of Growth, in order to turn these experiments into actionable tasks, via the MindMeister and MeisterTask integration.

  • Pricing and seasonal offers
  • By having an incredibly intricate map, where all product ideas can be captured and assessed, your team will be able to preserve these thoughts and decide on which to take forward.

    We recently held an ‘all hands meeting’ here at MeisterLabs. During the meeting our Founders presented their vision for 2017, talking the team through their roadmap via the MindMeister presentation mode.

    Sign up for MindMeister

    We’ve created a strategy template for a SaaS business below. The following template can of course be edited to be made relevant to other business models.

  • What you plan to achieve in each quarter
  • Positioning and PR
      • Sign up for MindMeister

        As 2017 begins, the new year brings new opportunities, as well as potential new challenges.

        1. Plan a 2017 Roadmap

          Marketing campaigns and efforts need to be both strategic and timely. In order to get started with your marketing plan for 2017, begin by planning out what you’d like to cover, month by month or quarter by quarter, via a marketing team brainstorm.

          To achieve this, try creating a visual roadmap, mapping out your key goals and planned steps onto a strategic mind map. Once you’ve made your mind map, you can share your strategy with employees internally via a shareable link.

        • Influencer marketing opportunities
        • It’s free!

          So those are our four mind maps for planning out your business in 2017.

          The roadmap gave a great overview of company progression. To provide your team with the same direction, make sure to disseminate your roadmap to your team, once created. One recent survey found that on average 74% of employees feel they’re missing out on key company information and news. Ensure your whole team feel in the loop by making your strategy available to all staff, via a cloud-based tool.

    Canadian Interest in MBA Piqued

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    9 Ways Postbac Programs Can Help You Get Into Med School

    Taking additional classes will boost your confidence, as long as you excel academically. If you are struggling, ask for help. Don’t give up on yourself!

    Check in next week for the next post of our A Second Chance at Medical School series!

    1. Premed Prerequisite Requirements

    7. Team Building Skills

    Some students take additional coursework to complete the required prerequisite courses to apply to medical school.

    Other students take additional science courses to improve their academic record.

    5. Application Essays

    Alicia McNease Nimonkar is an Accepted advisor and editor specializing in healthcare admissions. Prior to joining Accepted, Alicia worked for five years as Student Advisor at UC Davis’ postbac program where she both evaluated applications and advised students applying successfully to med school and related programs.

    It is attractive to be able to include your postbac program or coursework on your application because it indicates that you thrive on teams in the classroom. Taking lab classes or completing research will show teamwork is a strength of yours, if you achieve positive results with high grades or publications.

    By evaluating the strength of your AMCAS application, realistically and kindly, you can identify the areas you would like to strengthen. Hopefully this list will provide you with the evaluation criteria to locate areas you can change and improve. By using your energy to become a stronger applicant, you can avoid the self-doubt and uncertainty that often accompanies the decision to apply to medical school. Focus on those areas of the application that you have control over and do your best!

    By taking additional time to prepare for medical school, you will be gaining more life experience and therefore approaching your professional education with more maturity and more clearly defined goals.

    The additional coursework that you complete—with stellar grades—will provide opportunities for you to request current letters of recommendation from your science instructors. Formal programs also provide these letters.

    2. GPA, Cumulative and Science

    6. Letters of Recommendation

    8. Confidence

    4. Activities, if opportunities are included

    Welcome to our med school blog post series, A Second Chance at Medical School, in which we’ll explore the A-Z of applying to postbaccalaureate programs. In this post, we’ll start with the topic of WHO – who should apply to postbac programs?

    9. Maturity

    Any student who would like to become a more competitive applicant to medical school can benefit from completing a postbac program or postbaccalaureate coursework. Postbac programs or coursework can help you with completing and/or improving your:

    If you need to participate in more activities to strengthen your application, you may consider pursuing clinical experience, expanding your volunteer work interests, or applying to a research program. Most formal postbac programs offer these activities and more.

    3. MCAT Scores, if assistance is provided

    If you have a low MCAT score, simply retaking the MCAT—with a course—may be the best approach for you—unless you need assistance in other areas as well.

    Often, programs provide support in outlining, drafting and finalizing your application materials. Sharing your personal statement draft with the writing center on your college campus can also be helpful, if you do not have the support of a formal program.

    3 Steps For Writing A Winning MBA Application Essay

    Step 1: Introspection – You are the first topic you need to know. After all, the essay will be about you. What do you want to do after your MBA? Why do you want to attend this program? When have you demonstrated the qualities this school appreciates, the qualities that show you belong here? Before you introduce yourself to the adcom, you must make sure that you know yourself well.

    • Writing an Opening Line That Pops

    “Writing the MBA Application Essay” is the latest post in our series, Navigate the MBA Maze.

    • 6 Tips for Getting Started on Your Application Essays

    Related Resources:

    Accepted | Helping applicants like you apply confidently and successfully for over 20 years. <>“/></p>
<p>You’ve decided which schools to apply to, and you even know what you want to write about, but you’re staring at a blank screen…What now? Follow these three steps to write your winning essay.</p>
<p><strong>Step 2: Write Killer Openings</strong> – Don’t get lulled into writing a generic opening. It’s easy, but lethal. Instead, think through the story you wish to tell and grab the reader’s attention by opening with a moment at the height of the action.</p>
<p><strong>Step 3: Be Positive</strong> – You want to emphasize the positive: Where are you going? What do you want to accomplish? What do you like? What attracts you to business? If you are asked to write about a failure or mistake, briefly and honestly describe that experience, but spend the bulk of the essay focusing on what you learned from it and how in a similar later situation you behaved differently as a result of those lessons. Think and write positive.</p>
<p>• From Example To Exemplary, a free guide<br /> <a